Your home’s roof is an investment. With any investment, especially one that protects your family and increases the value of your home, you strive to protect it and extend its lifespan. Texas hailstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, and everyday wear and tear can degrade your roof over time, but there are steps you can take to help ensure that your home’s roof will last as long as possible. Below are our top tips for proper roof maintenance.

Clear Debris

Keeping your residential roof free of debris such as fallen leaves and dirt is the best way to prevent build-up that can harm your roofing materials. Take time to trim back any trees on your property in the spring and fall to help prevent falling leaves and pollen from collecting and adding unnecessary weight and strain to your home’s roof. If debris is left to rot on your roof, it can cause water damage and potentially threaten the structural integrity of your roofing system.


The chimney is often an overlooked component of the roofing system when homeowners are trying to determine if they have roof damage. Whether it is caused by age, wear and tear, improper installation, or weather-related events, an improperly functioning chimney can compromise the integrity of the entire roofing system. Depending on the type of chimney, and the material the chimney housing is made of, there are many aspects to inspect to ensure longevity in this component. Broken boards, cracked mortar, compromised, or rusted flashing, open holes, and gaps, dry or missing caulk around joints and nail penetrations, all can cause serious issues if not properly detected in time. If neglected, this can trap moisture, leading to mold, rust, and interior leaks. It’s best to regularly schedule a professional to inspect this component and give you peace of mind about your system.

Remove Mold

If you have noticed a green or black tint to your roof, it’s an indication that mold and algae are growing on the surface of your roof. This is a sign of water retention and can be problematic if left unaddressed. Algae can also grow in your gutters, making it more difficult for water to be properly funneled away from the base of your home.

Make Repairs Quickly

The key to extending the lifespan of your residential roof is prompt roof maintenance, even if the damage appears to be minimal. Leaving a small problem unrepaired, such as a missing shingle or a cracked chimney seal, can result in expensive water damage that penetrates the layers of your roofing system and possibly the interior of your home.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

The best way to catch minor roofing issues early, when they are less expensive and less extensive to fix, is by scheduling regular roof maintenance appointments with a professional residential roofing contractor. Performing inspections on your roof can feel daunting and is potentially dangerous for both you and your roof. Professional roofing companies will check for proper insulation in your attic space, the functionality of your gutters and downspouts, and the safety of your roofing system as a whole.

Whether you are looking for a professional, routine roofing assessment before spring or want to check for any damage in the aftermath of a storm, WorleyByrd Roofing & Restoration is the contractor for the job. Our experts will document any damage they find, share a preliminary assessment, and provide you with options for repair or a full replacement. WorleyByrd is the word! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.